2017 Hayes Truck Group Honorees

Employee    Position    Yrs of Service

Melanie WalkerDirector of Sales20 years
Gracie Barrientos  Accounts Receivable  15 years
Charles LangridgeSales Manager10 years

The above employees were honored in June at our annual Company party.  

New F-Series Isuzu


2018 FTR – 25,950 lbs. GVWR

2016 Hayes Truck Group Honorees

Employee Name Position  Yrs of Service

Rhett CriderGeneral Manager15 years
Eddie SteelParts Manager15 years
Miguel SixtosFabrication15 years
Hector TrevinoParts Sales15 years
Rick PlossService Technician15 years
Ted HoschService Technician10 years
Jose GonzalesParts Sales5 years
Juan BustamanteService Agent5 years

The above employees were honored in June at our annual company party.

Spartan Motors Breaks Ground on Isuzu Truck Plant

Spartan Motors has begun construction of an 85,000-square-foot plant to assemble Isuzu cabovers for the North American fleet market, the company has announced.

Workers at Spartan’s $5.5 million plant will manufacture Isuzu’s new F-Series Class 6 cabover trucks that will go on sale in 2017.  The plant is located at Spartan’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Charlotte, Michigan.

Spartan is expanding an alliance it started with Isuzu North America Corp. (INAC) that began in 2011 with the production of Isuzu’s gasoline -powered N-Series cabover trucks.


Spartan and Isuzu officials that appeared at the site April 19 for a ground-breaking ceremony included Shaun Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America; Shigeji Sigimoto, president of INAC; Dayl Adams, president and CEO of Spartan Motors; and Steve Guillaume, president of Spartan Specialty Vehicles.

– NTEA News April 19, 2016

Isuzu Unveils All-New Class 6 F-Series Truck

Isuzu Commercial Trucks of American, Inc. distributor of America’s best-selling low cab forward trucks, unveiled an all-new entry in the Class 6 medium duty truck segment-the 2018 Isuzu FTR.  The company made the announcement today at the National Truck Equipment Association’s 2016 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The F-Series truck is slated to go into production in the United States in mid-2017.

“The truck represents our vision of the future of the medium-duty truck industry,” said Shaun Skinner, executive vice president and general manager of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America.  “As the adult population grows and as people move to urban centers, there will be an increasing need for delivery trucks that can carry a lot of cargo but at the same time be fuel efficient, maneuverable, environmentally friendly, and that offer a low cost of ownership.  The all-new FTR achieves all of these goals.”


The FTR will be powered by Isuzu’s renowned 4KH1-TC 5.2 -liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine-a first in the segment.  “As fuel economy and emissions regulations become stricter, you’re going to see more and more competitors in this class turning to four-cylinder engines,” Skinner said.  “Isuzu is a pioneer in developing and building four-cylinder transportation solutions.”

Although horsepower and torque ratings have not been finalized, the company noted that the 4HK1 engine is well known for its high torque output.  The powerplant will be mated to an Allison 2000 Series automatic transmission.  The engine carries a B10 durability of 310,000 miles-meaning  that 90% of engines should reach that mileage before requiring an overhaul.

A incredible cruising distance can be achieved by the FTR, thanks not only to the truck’s miserly use of fuel but also its available aluminum 50 or 100 gallon fuel tank.

Additional Details

Pricing, available configurations, power ratings and additional features and specifications will be released in mid-2017.

“The overall concerpt of the FTR is to bring o our customers the next generation medium-duty low-cab-forward truck, one that features a clean, durable, highly efficient four-cylinder engine and is the best Class 6 choice for pickup and delivery in cities, “Skinner said.  “The letters ‘FTR’ don’t stand for ‘future,’ but this truck represents the future, and it will be here–soon.”

-ICTA March 2, 2016

EPA and NHTSA Propose Phase Two Greenhouse Gas Rules For Trucks

Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) jointly proposed the second round of greenhouse gas emission and fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

NTEA has been actively involved with Congress and regulatory agencies on this issue since the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Although the first set of regulations was developed swiftly, the Association successfully met with decision-makers to discuss significant differences between manufacture and use of long-haul tractor-trailer combinations versus single-unit vocational trucks. Phase One regulations, as well as the Phase Two proposal, reflect these efforts.

For Phase Two, EPA and NHTSA have proposed maintaining the general certification procedures outlined in Phase One. The biggest recommended change is the inclusion of trailers. The agencies are also suggesting updates to the simulation tool used for vocational vehicle, tractor and trailer standards in order to more specifically reflect transmission and drivetrain improvements.

Phase One standards are in effect for 2014–2018 model year vehicles. The proposed regulations would increase certain performance requirements for Phase One in the 2019–2020 model years, with Phase Two standards taking effect for 2021–2027. The new trailer standards would begin in the 2018 model year.

Recommended rules involve four vehicle categories:

  • Class 7–8 combination tractors
  • Trailers
  • Vocational vehicles
  • Heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans

– NTEA News September 2015

Energy Department Announces $11 Million to Accelerate Alternative Fuel Use in Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The Energy Department today announced $11 million in available funding to support development and demonstration of innovative alternative technologies for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, designed to help reduce U.S. reliance on gasoline, diesel, and oil imports. 

The funding opportunity includes two areas of interest:

  1. Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Powertrain Electrification focuses on research, development, and demonstration of electric-drive powertrain technologies for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that significantly reduce fuel consumption. 
  2. Heavy-Duty Vehicle Dual Fuel Fleet Demonstration seeks to demonstrate the performance and reliability of commercially-available dual fuel heavy-duty vehicles equipped with engines capable of operation using a mixture of diesel fuel and gaseous fuels—natural gas, propane- or natural gas-derived fuels such as dimethyl ether—and the associated emissions control systems. 

Data collected from these activities will be analyzed by Energy Department National Laboratories and used to identify technology barriers and inform future efforts. Learn more about this funding opportunity. 

– Green Truck Association, an NTEA Affiliate Division September 2015


ANAHEIM, Calif.—Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., distributor of America’s best-selling low cab forward trucks, today introduced its newest model—the 2016 NPR Diesel. The truck features a 13,000-lb. GVWR and a 33.5-inch frame to offer more capability than previously available in an entry-level Isuzu diesel truck—while still providing legendary Isuzu durability and fuel economy.

“With a 13,000-lb. GVWR, the new NPR Diesel approaches the capacity of a Class 4 truck, but at a Class 3 price,” said Shaun Skinner, executive vice president and general manager of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. “This truck is the latest example of how Isuzu is committed to lowering the cost of truck ownership without sacrificing performance, practicality, long-term reliability or fuel efficiency.”

Among the notable features of the 2016 NPR Diesel:

  • Standard 30-gallon rear-mounted in-rail fuel tank
  • Frame width of 33.5 inches that will accept bodies up to 102 inches wide and 91 inches high
  • Four wheelbases—109, 132.5, 150, and 176 inches—that will accept body lengths up to 20 feet

The new NPR Diesel is powered by the newest and most modern powerplant in the Isuzu family, the 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TC turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. The powerplant produces 150 horsepower and 282 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm.

“With its peak torque available at low and mid-range engine speeds, the 4J engine gives drivers both good off-the-line acceleration and passing power,” Skinner said.

That power doesn’t come at the expense of durability. The engine has a B-10 diesel engine life rating of 310,000 miles. And in keeping with Isuzu’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the engine is capable of running on B20 biodiesel fuel.

The powerplant is mated to an Aisin A460 six-speed automatic transmission with double overdrive, lock-up torque converter that operates in second through sixth gears, and available PTO.

Together, the engine and transmission help the new NPR Diesel achieve class-leading fuel economy.

The 2016 NPR Diesel is backed as well as it’s built, with a standard powertrain limited warranty that covers engine and drivetrain against defects in material and workmanship for three years, unlimited mileage. The NPR Diesel is also warranted against perforation from corrosion for four years regardless of mileage.

“Last year, Isuzu trucks celebrated their 30th anniversary in the North America market,” said Skinner. “This year, we enter the next three decades in America with a truck that truly embodies everything that Isuzu is all about—low cost of acquisition, class-above capability, tremendous fuel efficiency, proven reliability and the ultimate in low cost of ownership. We couldn’t be prouder than we are of the new NPR Diesel.”

Production of the 2016 NPR Diesel will begin in Japan in November 2015, and the truck will be available at Isuzu’s network of nearly 300 dealers in North America shortly thereafter.

About Isuzu Trucks:

Isuzu commercial trucks have been the best-selling low cab forward trucks in America every year since 1986. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., is the distributor of Isuzu commercial vehicles in the United States. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

– ICTA September 2015

Diesel Average Rises 2.4¢ to $2.878; Price Has Climbed 12.4¢ in Past Month

Diesel’s national average price rose for the fourth straight week, climbing 2.4 Cents to $2.878 a gallon, the Department of Energy reported May 11.

The price of trucking’s main fuel has risen 12.4 cents in the past month but is $1.07 less than its level in the comparable week a year ago, according to DOE figures.

Gasoline also rose for a fourth week, gaining 2.7 cents to $2.691, DOE said after its weekly survey of filling stations.

The motor fuel, which has jumped 28.3 cents in the past month, is selling for just under $1 less than during the corresponding week last year.

Oil held above $60 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange last week, matching its level from the start of the month when it reached its highest point since early December.

DOE last week bumped its forecast for 2015 diesel prices by 2 cents to $2.88 a gallon and said it will rise to $3.12 next year, 12 cents below its previous forecast.

Trucking’s main fuel will average in the $2.80s and $2.90s through early 2016 before crossing the $3 mark in March, DOE’s Energy Information Administration said in its monthly short-term energy out-look, released May 12.

EIA analyst Sean Hill said the recent higher prices for both diesel and gasoline largely have resulted from gains in both U.S.-traded West Texas Intermediate and globally traded Brent crude oil.

-Transport Topics May 2015

Reefer Manufacturers Seek Delay In Adoption of New EPA Proposal

Manufacturers of refrigerated trailers and trailer refrigeration units are seeking a delay in adoption of a new federal regulation that could have a profound effect on the equipment used by reefer fleets.

Three suppliers to the reefer industry are urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to push back from January 2017 until at least January 2020 implementation of its Protection of Stratospheric Ozone Proposal, which addresses refrigerants used by trailer refrigeration units (TRU) and foam-blowing agents used by trailer makers.

Those filing formal comments in the proceedings include Utility Trailer Manufacturers Carrier Transicold and Thermo King.

The final rule has been before the White House Office of Management and Budget since April 24 and could be published in June.  It is part of EPA’s SNAP program, or Significant New Alternatives Policy, which regulates industrial chemicals that affect high-altitude ozone and may also be greenhouse gases.

-Transport Topics May 2015

Inspiration Focuses on Driver Comfort

May 12th Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation will reorganize its regulatory framework to streamline the rulemaking process for safety and autonomous technologies that will “lead to cars that can drive themselves better than a human can.”

-Transport Topics May 2015

Isuzu N-Series Gasoline Truck

The Isuzu N-Series gas truck is the only gasoline-powered low-cab-forward truck available in North America.

Isuzu N-Series gas trucks are powered by a Vortec 6.0-liter small-block V8 engine that produces 297 horsepower at 4,300 rpm and generates 372 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm.  The powerplant is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with double overdrive and lock-up torque converter for enhanced fuel economy and performance.

An optional version of the engine is capable of being converted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, or propane).  Isuzu is the only brand to offer CNG/LPG-capable low-cab-forward trucks in North America.

-ICTA April 2015

Isuzu 2015 and 2016 Diesel Models

The 2015 NPR ECO-MAX and 2016 NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR benefit from all of the following enhancements as they enter their new model years:

    • Onboard diagnostics (OBD) improved with a new particulate matter sensor
    • A new high-output 140-amp alternator
    • Stylish new front grille, available in white (standard) and chrome (optional)
    • Redesigned steering wheel
    • Comfortable and durable new fabric seats
    • An optional driver suspension seat that increases comfort as it reduces driver fatigue
    • An optional keyless entry system with two key fobs
    • An optional lockable DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) fill cap

2016 NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR Diesel Models: 

The weight of the newest member of the Isuzu N-Series family, the 16,000-lb. GVWR NPR-XD, has been reduced, allowing an increased payload capacity across all wheelbases and in both standard cab and crew cab configurations.

2016 NPR-XD:

In addition to these improvements, the legendary Isuzu 4HK1-TC 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine powering the 2016 NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR has been enhanced to deliver improved fuel economy and to meet tough new EPA standards restricting the emissions of greenhouse gases.

-ICTA March 2015

New Truck and Fuel Emissions Regulations to be Proposed 

The second round of proposed greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency regulations for heavy- and medium-duty trucks are currently in development.  The regulations will be jointly proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for greenhouse gas emissions and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for fuel efficiency. 


The first round of regulations took effect for model year 2014 vehicles, and the second round is expected to address model years beyond 2018. 


A primary concern with these regulations is the manner in which they are administered – who is responsible for demonstrating compliance.  During Phase I, regulators clearly understood that vocational trucks need to be regulated very differently than long-haul tractors and that it would be unnecessarily complex and counterproductive to involve final-stage manufacturers and body/equipment manufacturers in the compliance process.  It is believed that this understanding will continue through Phase II. 


-NTEA News December 2014